personal finance automation

The Transformative Power of Personal Finance Automation

Whether they’re running a business, advancing up the corporate ladder or investing in the stock market, almost everyone can agree that financial security is a key motivator in their professional life. Unfortunately, between credit card debts,…
save money morning coffee

Let Your Morning Coffee Save Money for You

4th and Cherry. That is the bus stop that puts you ten minutes from the First Hill District in downtown Seattle where I worked my first job out of college. Basement cubicle. Entry level. Lot’s of paper pushing. I won’t even get into the…
personal finance automated

Is Your Personal Finance Automated?

As the stock market and economy heat up, Americans spend more on big items and save less. According to a statistics presented by the Commerce Department, saving rate in the USA fell to a decade-low 3.1 percent in September 2017 down from a peak…
money saving apps

9 Best Money Saving Apps I am in Love With

Our smartphones can help us with everything these days from booking flights, editing documents, dating, socializing, fulfilling our banking needs and even saving money. So, below are my picks for apps that will help you save money. Here we go!…
living paycheck to paycheck

How to end Your Paycheck to Paycheck Lifestyle

Living paycheck to paycheck can be daunting especially if you are used to overspending. The latter is probably the biggest reason people get into financial trouble. There are people who earn six-figure living paycheck to paycheck but still struggling…
how to save money

When Should You Start Saving Money and How

“The future will be here before I know it and chances are there will be challenges along the way,” said nearly every human who has had at least some experience living on the Earth. While this is mostly the case with all of us, the thing…